Best Hair Loss/Hair Growth Shampoos worth Trying

Hair loss can be as individual as the people it affects. Whether it is just thinning hair where the scalp is visible or actual bald spot or patches, it can be embarrassing and frustrating.  Adding to the frustration can be the myriad of treatments and solutions available on the market today.  Even more frustrating is […]

Best Hair Styling Tools

As women, we love our hair styling tools.  We spend small fortunes every year looking for the best hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons, and miscellaneous stylers. We don’t spend $200 on a flat iron lightly; we just know that to have the best look, we need the best tools.  We also know that when […]

Best Hire Color Kits

Sometimes we just need to do something different with our hair.  But sometimes we don’t necessarily want to cut it all off, wait for it to grow out, or try a new style.  The easiest way to make a drastic change to your hair and thus your overall look is to color it.  Whether you […]

Best New Hair Care Products of 2015   

Our hair is our crowning glory.  Whether it’s short or long, curly or straight, women take pride their hair.  We spend countless hours, not to mention dollars, washing, drying, and styling it.  Throw in the amount of money paid to hair stylists for just the right cut and color, it’s no wonder so many new […]

Best Hair Loss Remedies

If you are having the hair loss problem you may be seeking a solution that will help you stop the loss without the expense and risk of a medical solution. Many of the modern chemicals like Rogaine and Propecia which are now available had been shown to be effective, but many hair loss sufferers are […]

Best Topical Treatments for Hair Loss

Causing an emotional hit to self-esteem and self-confidence and causing embarrassment and frustration, hair loss can be a hard battle to fight.  It can also be an expensive and frustrating one.  With so many products on the market, options for surgical remedies, and even hair replacement, it can be difficult to even know where to […]

7 Easiest Ways to Reduce Hair Loss

No one wants to deal with thinning hair. It can be frustrating, stressful and embarrassing. All of the time spent trying to disguise thinning spots or bald patches just adds to the stress and frustration and is time better spent on other things.  We have all seen the numerous commercials for laser treatments, hair “plugs” […]