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As women, we love our hair styling tools.  We spend small fortunes every year looking for the best hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons, and miscellaneous stylers. We don’t spend $200 on a flat iron lightly; we just know that to have the best look, we need the best tools.  We also know that when we have the best tools, our hair gets less damaged, breaks less, and requires much less product to achieve the look we want.  With dryers and irons on the market ranging in price from $15 to $500, where is our money best spent?


  • Coolway Low Heat AutoSense Styler:  Where the maximum heat setting on most flat irons is a finger (and hair) scalding 450 degrees, the Coolway Low Heat AutoSense Styler only goes up to a mild 299 degrees.  The added bonus is that it comes with its own heat protecting serum, Coolway Transform Spray.  Made of red algae extract, silk proteins, and castor oil, it is applied to wet hair before blow drying.  The Transform Spray helps hair to better absorb water.  This is important because well moisturized hair doesn’t become as damaged during heat styling.  Once hair is dried, you straighten as you normally would.  The major benefit of this flat iron is that because it uses much less heat, your hair gets much less damage.
  • Bed Head TiGi Wave Artist Deep Waver: Long, loose waves were all over the fashion runways this year.  However, not all of us were blessed with this type of hair.  Most of us fall between kinky curly and stick straight.  For those of us who don’t have but very much want those loose, beachy waves, there is the Bed Head TiGi Wave Artist Deep Waver.  Used much like the zig zag, kinking irons that were popular in the 80’s, it gives the look we want with much less effort than trying to do it with a traditional curling iron.
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  • Chi Touch Dryer: Ask most women (and even some men) what the best name in hair styling tools and they will say Chi.  It is the line most used by hairstylists and the most desired by consumers.  The Chi Touch Dryer is an easy to use, 1800 watt dryer with a touch screen.  Yes, a touch screen.  You can choose your temperature, power setting, and even program your hair type to achieve the perfect results.
  • InStyler Wet to Dry Styler: InStyler tools have been around awhile and are a consistent favorite among stylists and consumers.  The InStyler Wet to Dry Styler makes styling even easier by allowing you to skip the blow dryer.  The rotating, heated barrel and attached brush will dry, style, and curl your hair in one easy step.  For those of us who are short on time, have a lot of hair to be dried and styled, or just don’t want to spend that much time on our hair, it is a great option.  And since everything is in one step, there is less damage to the hair and less clutter in the bathroom.

We are about dealing with an age old condition that has been a thorn in the side of men (and women) since prehistoric times. Hair Loss.

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We are about dealing with an age old condition that has been a thorn in the side of men (and women) since prehistoric times. Hair Loss.

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