Natural Hair Loss Remedies- Which Works Best For You?

If you are losing, or have lost your hair, the solution should seem simple. Get a doctor to prescribe Rogaine or some other medically approved hair growth stimulant, and voila. New hair.

And for many, this is what will happen – you’ll take your medicine and grow new hair. But Rogaine isn’t free, and all medicines have side effects. And many of those who suffer from hair loss would prefer to avoid adding a prescription medicine to their current health care regime. But even if you are going the Rogaine route, there are other factors to consider. Basically, why just treat the symptoms and ignore the underlying causes of baldness?


 Taking a Double Team Approach:

In sports, if you want a dangerous player neutralized, you double team; you send two of your own players to make sure that player is shut down.

So, if you want to deal with hair loss, why just take one solution when there are many other factors that can be considered? Even if you are engaged in or considering a medical treatment for your hair loss, you don’t want to weaken it by not addressing some of the issues that may have contributed to your hair loss in the first place.


 Underlying Causes of Hair Loss:

The causes of hair loss have been debated for decades, and the answers have been a mix of science, old wives tales and wishful thinking. The truth is that there are a number of reasons why some people lose their hair, and there is no one simple cure for this age old malady.

  • General Health: Your general health can contribute to the loss of hair. Keeping your body trim and healthy can help you keep the hair you have, and can improve the effectiveness of whatever hair replacement therapy you are considering. Nutritional supplements, exercise programs, and a good high protein diet can help make your current hair loss treatments work better.
  • Nutrition: Speaking of nutrition, not only does your diet affect your general health, but many aspects of your nutritional habits can have a direct bearing on your hair loss issues as well as the health and appearance of your existing hair. Not to cause offense, but this is something that animal groomers and breeders have known for centuries. Just as diet affects the health and appearance of a show dog’s coat, so too does what you eat impact your hair.
  • Stress: That feeling that you want to tear your hair out can actually be causing your hair to fall out on its own. Stress is one of the factors that can contribute to hair loss in many men and women. Participating in activities that help you to manage your stress levels, along with tension taming supplements, can improve the chances of Rogaine or other medical treatments working for your hair loss problem.

 While many medical conditions may contribute to your hair loss, including age, menopause (male and female), thyroid conditions and many immune deficiency disorders, there are a number of less serious issues that can contribute to your poor hair health. By addressing these issues, you give the medical treatments a better chance of fixing your hair loss problem.


We are about dealing with an age old condition that has been a thorn in the side of men (and women) since prehistoric times. Hair Loss.

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We are about dealing with an age old condition that has been a thorn in the side of men (and women) since prehistoric times. Hair Loss.

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