7 Easiest Ways to Reduce Hair Loss

No one wants to deal with thinning hair. It can be frustrating, stressful and embarrassing. All of the time spent trying to disguise thinning spots or bald patches just adds to the stress and frustration and is time better spent on other things.  We have all seen the numerous commercials for laser treatments, hair “plugs” and semi permanent weaves and wigs.  If you aren’t ready to take such drastic measures, what can you do to try and restore your once glorious locks?


  • Diet: Diet affects everything from how we feel to how often we get sick but it is also a critical in hair growth.  Our scalps thrive on such building blocks as vitamin B12, protein, and iron.  Increasing the amounts of fish, nuts, beans, lean meats, and leafy greens in your diet can have an impact on the growth and health of your hair.
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  • Massage: It’s not just good for relieving sore muscles and tension, massage is also great for your hair.  A few minutes of massage while shampooing your hair in the shower will increase the flow of blood to your scalp thus increasing hair growth.  The added benefit is that if you choose to use a topical treatment for hair growth, massage will help with absorption and make it more effective.
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  • Reduce Styling: Many of the things we do to our hair everyday can be the very things that are making it fall out and preventing new growth.  The heat from hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons damage our hair, causing it to break and even fall out.  All of the mousses, gels, and hair sprays can clog the follicles, making new growth difficult.  The chemicals hair dye can also damage our hair and increase hair loss.
  • Acupuncture: A long time treatment for everything from fatigue to migraines, acupuncture can also be helpful in growing new hair.  Much like massage, acupuncture needles applied to the scalp increase blood flow and allow the follicles to open up.  While there are no medical studies documenting proof, people who have tried this approach have reporting an increase in new hair growth within a week.
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  • Supplements: Many times hair loss can be the result of a nutrient deficiency.  When the body is lacking in Vitamin C, Vitamin D, iron, or B vitamins, it can affect not only hair growth but the health of the hair.  Taking a vitamin supplement may make a big difference.  There are even supplements on the market specifically formulated for our hair, such as Viviscal.  The specialized supplements will usually cost between $25 and $50, while Vitamin B complex supplements are available for about $10.
  • Minoxidil:Minoxidil is the only hair loss solution that has FDA approval. This topical treatment was once available only by prescription but can now be found in shampoos at your local drug store for about $25.
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  • See Your Doctor: If you have given these a try and hair loss persists, see your doctor.  A blood test may give you the answers you need.  Along with testing for deficiencies in iron and vitamins, they can check for hormone and thyroid imbalances and autoimmune disorders.  Once they receive the results, they may be able to offer medical treatments to assist.

We are about dealing with an age old condition that has been a thorn in the side of men (and women) since prehistoric times. Hair Loss.

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We are about dealing with an age old condition that has been a thorn in the side of men (and women) since prehistoric times. Hair Loss.

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