A Few Words


What are we about?

We are about dealing with an age old condition that has been a thorn in the side of men (and women) since prehistoric times. Hair Loss.

Baldness, especially in younger people, is considered a negative trait in most cultures, and in the Western world, that is most certainly the case. And while there are now more options for treatment and correction than ever before, not every solution is right for every person. Our goal is to present the information and allow you to choose.

Basic Options for dealing with Hair Loss:

  • Hair Pieces: While this may get a snicker from some, wigs, toupees and hair enhancing techniques have been used quite successfully for centuries to disguise hair loss and present a more youthful appearance. And before you start with the ugly rug jokes, just bear in mind that screen legend Sean Connery was himself the victim of an early receding hairline and wore hair appliances in all of the James Bond movies that he starred in.
  • Rogaine etc: Modern medicine has found many drugs which can slow or reverse hair loss. We will help you determine which, if any, are appropriate for your situation.
  • Transplants: Pioneered in the middle part of the 20th century, hair transplants, plugs and other techniques have been used successfully by many patients to restore hair growth. While these solutions have their disadvantages including expense, pain, the quality of the resulting hair growth, and your appearance during the transfer process, we will help you to determine if this path is right for you.
  • Natural Remedies: In some cases, hair loss is due to bad diet, stress, or other issues that can be addressed with supplements and dietary changes. Topical creams and other solutions can help promote hair growth in many by making sure that all viable follicles are performing their jobs at 100% efficiency. This helps make maximum use of the hair that you can grow. Stress relieving techniques can also address a significant cause of hair loss and poor follicle health.


Keeping you up to date:

Another goal of our site is to keep you abreast of the changes in the world of hair restoration and replacement. As new techniques become available and new medications are approved for use, we will review them and help you decide which ones, if any, you wish to try for your own hair loss problems.


Every day new supplements are introduced that can help many people to improve their hair health and thickness. Also, there are currently thousands of studies ongoing which are looking into the causes and cures of baldness and thinning hair. We will review the results of these studies as they are made public, and report on their findings for your consideration.


A community with a single goal:

If you are dealing with hair loss, you are not alone. This site is dedicated to all those around the world who are living with pattern baldness, hair loss and thinning, poor follicle health and other baldness related conditions.


Here we can share our experiences, pool our knowledge and gain hope from each other’s successes. We can review the facts, weigh the options and make informed, intelligent decisions.


While hair loss is not in itself life threatening, it is life changing. We are here to help each of us to deal with that change.